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Load plan of sea containers

How can Cargo-Planner help me?

Depending on who you are, you will find different use cases

Sea and road packing software for forwarders


Give a quick and professional impression on quotations to your customers. How many and what type of containers are needed? LCL - Can we fit more on the week 48 shipment to Singapore?

container and truck loading software for warehouses


How do we stuff this container? In what order should the cargoes be loaded? Where is the centre of gravity?

Load optimization software for manufacturers and factories


How much will this project cost us? How many linear feets / metres is the cargo occupying on the truck?

Easy onboarding, fast adoption.

Cargo-Planner is extremely easy to use, and usually don't requires any training!

Easily modify the loadplans

Easily convert containers or move around cargoes with your mouse

Share your work

Share your load plans to your clients - and give them a professioal impression

Load plan with unloaded cargoes

It starts with the packing list

With our packlist reader, you can read most Excel and PDF packing lists. Easily add cargo specific settings like stackability, allowed rotations, shipment groupings etc

Then, select what kind of equipment you have available. Use our library with standard units, our public library - or create a container yourself. Now, Cargo-Planner will choose the best combination!

Trusted by companies worldwide

Pricing for every business, at any stage

  • Lite
  • €590
  • Per Year Per Location
  • 1 user
  • Sea module
  • Road module
  • Air module
  • Pallet module
  • Breakbulk module
  • Standard
  • €990
  • Per Year Per Location
  • All Lite features
  • Unlimited number of user accounts (per location)
  • Interactive Container Mode
  • Loadplan sharing
  • Export as Excel
  • Enterprise / Custom
  • -
  • Special discounts for multiple locations
  • Rest API access
  • Contact us
Load out of gage cargoes on containers like flat racks

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do! With our Open tops, Flatracks, Platforms and MAFI's for the ocean containers, Flatbeds and Lowbeds for the road, it works as smoothly as with normal cargo. And if you can not find the particular containar you are looking for - it's easy to create a customized one!
Most users use our Packlist reader, which works with most layouts of Excel files, but also PDF files.

You can also select the desired rows and columns straight from Excel or an email, and paste it straight into our tool.

If you have your own internal system containing all the data, it is easy to integrate with our API and make the import process running even smoother.

... And yes, if you prefer to enter the cargoes one at a time, it works as well
Most of the common rules are already available (like stacking, rotations, layers, lash-space etc). If you miss any, just tell us
You can download the loadplans as both PDF and Excel. You can also share the loadplans, which means your clients and coworkers will have access to the particular loadplan and you can collaborate together!
Yes, we are. At all times, you can see what data is saved through your account, and also delete it whenever you want. Please look at our Privacy Policy which you can find under the Registration View to read more.


Typical load plans generated in a few seconds. Remember - all modules are included!

Features - Why Cargo-Planner?

There are many reasons why companies choose our solution, and even switching from existing ones!

Packlist Reader

It is very easy to import your data into Cargo-Planner. Our packlist reader handles both .xlsx and .pdf - and no template needed.

User Friendly

Get started at once. It is web based, and no installation is needed. Also - it is super easy to use, and don't require any training

Rest API

Easily jack in your own application(s) to our easy to use Rest API. In this way, loadplans can be created with just a click!

Cost Control

Give the containers a cost value, and Cargo-Planner will calculate the cheapest option for you!


Fine tune cargo and container settings which are easily accessible - resulting in a loadplan according to your preferences

Big library of containers

The most common sea containers, trailers, ULDs and pallets are already there. If not - Easily add your own!

Give your final touch

We still think that a good stowage planner has a better eye than a computer at determining if a load plan is good to go. Therefore, modifying the result is extremely easy

  • Easily convert a container type to another
  • And and remove containers
  • Move around the cargoes with your mouse or keyboard
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Modify stuffing plans with ease

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